Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area.  Decisions on planning applications will be made using both the Local Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan, and any other material considerations. A Steering Committee has been set up for the Grouped Parish Area to oversee the formation of a Neighbourhood Plan. The minutes of these meetings can be downloaded from this page. This is very much an inclusive process and needs members of the community to be actively involved.



The Referendum for the Neighbourhood Plan has been agreed for 8 August and voting will take place in Broadwindsor, Blackdown and Drimpton at each respective village hall, between 7.00 am and 10.00 pm.

If approved at the Referendum, the Neighbourhood Plan becomes a statutory part of the development plan for the area and will carry significant weight in how planning applications are decided. A number of hard copies of the Plan have been produced and will be made available at key community locations across the Grouped Parish area, such as the Community Shop. Eight hundred leaflets have also been printed and these will be hand delivered to every household. Please do go and vote!

Neighbourhood Plan (Final Version)

Key Documents and Information


At its meeting on 12 November, the Parish Council gave its approval for the Draft Neighbourhood Plan to go forward and be submitted for independent examination. As part of the examination of the plan, the independent examiner has to consider whether the plan meets certain basic conditions and satisfies legal requirements. The Plan has now been submitted and all documents can be viewed below.

List of Submission Documents

Draft Neighbourhood Plan (Part 1)

Draft Neighbourhood Plan (Part 2)

Consultation Statement

Basic Conditions Report

Strategic Environmental Assessment

An Ecological Assessment of Selected Sites

Housing Needs Review

Local Green Space Assessment

Design Guidelines Part 1

Design Guidelines Part 2


The consultation on the Pre-Submission Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan and updated Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) has been extended to 24 September 2018. The Plan and SEA documents are available here online and can also be viewed at the Broadwindsor Community Shop and Drimpton Village Hall.  Comments on the Draft Plan and SEA can be returned by post to Councillor Rowland Hibbard, Meadow View, Kittwhistle, Dorset, DT8 3LG, or emailed to  Please make sure that you make your comments known by 24 September 2018. If you have already commented and have no further comments to make, you do not need to take any further action.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) (Summary)

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) (Full)


Draft Neighbourhood Plan 

Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Consultation Form

Consultation Roadshow 23 June 2018, Drimpton Village Hall 

New Documents and Feedback Request

Design Guidelines Part 1

Design Guidelines Part 2

Design Code

Please note that the Design Code ‘extract’ should be read in conjunction with the AECOM Design Guidelines document.

Your feedback is very much requested!  Do you think that the Design Guidance would provide a good basis for future building designs and layouts in the Grouped Parish area, and if not what changes would you like to suggest?

Neighbourhood Plan Roadshow Feedback

The Chairman and members of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee would like to thank all those residents who attended the recent Road Shows and completed the questionnaire. Your time and effort is very much appreciated. The data from the questionnaires has been analysed and can be viewed below. Any questions or comments should be directed to the Clerk to the Parish Council in the first instance,

Neighbourhood Plan Roadshow Feedback Report

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Documentation

Options Consultation Questionnaire Autumn 2017

Visions and Objectives

Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report

Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report

Strategic Environmental Assessment Options Stage Environmental Report Summary

Strategic Environmental Assessment Options Stage Environmental Report

Pinch Points

Green Spaces and Community Facilities

Green Spaces and Community Places Map

Green Spaces and Community Places Map Broadwindsor

Green Spaces and Community Places Map Drimpton

Housing Needs Review

Settlements and Gaps

Site Assessments

2018 Meeting Minutes

18 January 2018, View Minutes

26 February 2018, View Minutes

22 March 2018, View Minutes

16 April 2018, View Minutes

15 May 2018, View Minutes

6 August 2018, View Minutes

Terms of Reference

If you would like to find out more please contact Councillor Hibbard, Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee.


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