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The need for affordable homes for local people was recognised in the Parish Plan of 2012 and the Parish Council has played a central role in facilitating discussions with members of the community to look at ways to deliver this. After a number of public meetings and with the support of Wessex Community Land Trust Project, the Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust (CLT) was established in May 2016. The aim of the CLT is to provide a small development of affordable housing for rent to people with a direct connection to the villages within the Grouped Parish area.

You can find out more by visiting their website,

Community Consultation Event 28 March 2018


November 2021 – Exchange of Contracts!

Read the latest Newsletter.

March 2021 – Full Planning Permission achieved!

October 2020 –  Please see the October Newsletter below. If anyone is interested in being a part of the current and future CLT community projects, please contact Sheila Hawkins  – for a membership application form.


Broadwindsor Group Parish CLT is delighted to announce that the planning application for 15 affordable homes for rent at Netherhay Lane in Drimpton has been approved by Dorset Council’s Western & Southern Area Planning Committee today. Read full statement here.

JUNE 2019

Broadwindsor Group Parish CLT has now submitted an outline planning application for fifteen affordable homes in Netherhay Lane, Drimpton. This is available to view online at

The application was on the agenda of the Broadwindsor Grouped Parish Council Meeting in Broadwindsor on Monday 10 June.  A lively debate ensued between Parish Councillors and around 20 members of the public,  the majority of whom were in favour of the application.

The Councillor for Seaborough, seconded by a Councillor from Drimpton, proposed that the Parish Council support this planning application.  The proposal was approved unanimously by all.

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