Community Policing

The Grouped Parish is covered by the Beaminster Neighbourhood Police Team, based at Beaminster Fire Station on Clay Lane, Beaminster. This is not an open Station to members of the public, therefore contact should be made via the 101 non-emergency number, or through the Dorset Police website

Locally we are lucky to live in, work in and enjoy a low crime rate area. Being in a rural area there are many communities and individuals that are isolated and perhaps vulnerable to crimes such as non-dwelling burglaries and thefts. The most common types of crimes see items such as power tools, small farming machinery such as quad bikes, fuel and at times scrap metals being easy targets for offenders.

At certain times of the year when people like to enjoy the scenery we have, we see offenders target personal and valuable possessions, left in unattended vehicles. People may often leave handbags in foot wells, or mobiles in glove compartments, even small change left on show can be an attraction to criminals.

However, most crimes of these types can be prevented. The Team at Beaminster have developed an excellent knowledge of crime prevention, by developing schemes to ‘target harden’ vulnerable people and property from farms to private dwellings. They are available to offer such advice and are available through the aforementioned means.

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