Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Consultation Form

Please submit your comments by 27 July 2018.

This form is intended to assist people in responding to the pre-submission consultation. You can choose to comment on all or any of the policies, and there is a section at the end for general comments. Alternatively you can write or email your comments, but please refer to the policy or page that you are commenting on, and be clear what changes you think should be made and why.  Please keep your responses as concise as possible.

We also ask that you include your name and address (and organisation if you are responding on their behalf) to help us have a clear audit trail of who responded on what issues, which also allows us to contact you for further clarification if necessary.  We will not publish your email or address and will withhold your name if you so wish.  If you are responding as an individual, we do need permission under data protection laws to hold any identifying personal information (i.e. a combination of your name and address/email) for the purposes of finalising this Neighbourhood Plan – so if you do not give your permission please leave your contact details (*asterisked) blank.

If you would prefer not to use this online form, you can download the form below and return or send comments by post or email to, Councillor Rowland Hibbard, Meadow View, Kittwhistle, Dorset, DT8 3LG, or email


Thank you for your participation.

Fields marked with an * are compulsory.

(*Please add your suggested minor or fundamental changes, in the box above. You may, if you wish post or email them to Councillor Rowland Hibbard, see above).

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