Councillor Jacqui Sewell

From a very young age Jacqui was involved in voluntary work, helping her mother deliver Meals on Wheels in Crewkerne, then as an adult helping at Playgroups, Youth Clubs, After School Clubs, Assistant Guider, Ranger Guider, D.O.E Trainer, Special Constable, Community Responder, First Aider, Mediator…………………..

As District Councillor for Broadwindsor & District from May 2007 – May 2019 used her myriad of skills in helping residents, she was actively involved in many local projects, volunteering to serve on committees, helping organisations source grants & funding, attending Village Hall & Community Organisation’s Meetings, Coffee Mornings, Cream Teas, Light Lunches etc throughout the whole of the Broadwindsor Ward, always keeping residents informed of any developments, either directly via email to those on her “mailing list” or via Facebook or her Website & for those not on ‘Social Media’ a telephone call.

Some of her notable achievements whilst serving this community as the District Councillor  

  • Getting a Bus Link from Drimpton to Bridport on Wednesdays & Saturdays in 2009 – just 2 years after stating in her election leaflet that this was what she hoped to achieve, (sadly Dorset County Council removed their funding & the Service 42 bus was lost).
  • Actively involved in getting the Post Office Outreach Service started in the Comrades Hall, regularly taking a turn making coffee & more recently serving as “the social distancing monitor”.
  • Assisted in getting our Community Shop up & running, served on the committee & volunteered to serve in the Shop.
  • Actively involved in the Broadwindsor Group Neighbourhood Plan, helping with the research & liaising with Council Officers.
  • Founder member of the Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust, and still serving on the Committee as Treasurer.

West Dorset District Council Achievements:-

Influenced the inclusion of new policies in WDDC’s Current Local Plan with regard to the re-use of redundant farm buildings, the development of single buildings outside DDB’s in rural locations and the protection of farm land that is used for food production.

And with the review of the West Dorset Local Plan, influenced two more policies:-

  • The first being a better definition of ‘isolated’ with regard to building in rural areas
  • The second being ‘Hous7’ an entirely new policy which sets out the requirements needed to apply to have an occupational condition removed via a planning application & not the usual back door route of occupation by person or persons who do not qualify to live there for 10 or more years then be granted “a certificate of lawful use”

And now as a Parish Councillor using her skills & wealth of knowledge of Local Government having been a Town Clerk, she is still serving our community.

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