Broadwindsor Group Parish Council is not a planning authority and as such does not have any legal planning powers. The Parish Council is however a statutory consultee and must be notified of all planning applications and results within the Grouped Parish. Councillors are asked to look at applications, consult with the local community and provide observations. Members of the community can also comment on applications independently.

You can search and track planning applications in West Dorset, find decisions, get guidance and advice on planning permission and learn more about planning policy online at,

The Parish Council is currently consulting on the following applications.

P/NMA/2024/01063, Old Stables, Seaborough Court Access, Seaborough, DT8 3QY

P/STA/2024/00822, Seaborough

P/HOU/2024/00885, Manor Barn, Pitmans Grave Crossroads to Junction, Littlewindsor Farm,
Littlewindsor, DT8 3QU

P/TRT/2024/00541, Hursey Common, Hursey, DT8 3LN

An application for a premises licence has been submitted for a music festival to be held at Seaborough Manor Farm,  Dorsom

You can comment directly regarding all these applications on the Dorset Council website or to the Parish Council.

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