MUGA Now Open for General Community Use

Great news – the MUGA is now open for general community use. In line with current Government guidelines, the following rules will apply.

No more than 6 people at a time.

Social distancing must be maintained.

Users are responsible for their own hygiene and use the facility at their own risk.

Hand sanitizer will be provided at the gate.

No food allowed.

The MUGA can still be booked to reserve a time slot.Enjoy and have fun!

Keyboard Shortcuts

g then h → home Go to front page
g then l → login Go to login page
g then d → dashboard Go to admin dashboard
g then c → comment Go to comment edit page
g then t → themes Go to themes page
g then p → plugins Go to plugins page
g then u → users Go to users page
g then s → settings Go to settings page
? → help Toggle the help area
/ → search Focus the search box
d → debug Toggle the debug bar
r → reload Reload the current page
e → edit Edit current post
p then a → post all All post listing
p then n → post new Create new post
Shift + p then a → page all All page listing
Shift + p then n → page new Create new page
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