Call for Tender

The Parish Council is now inviting tenders to be submitted from competent persons for works to be carried out to restore fingerpost signs within the Grouped Parish area.

These signs are very much part of our cultural heritage, and the Council would like to see them remain. Dorset Council will no longer fund the restoration of fingerpost signs, costs must now be met by the Parish.

If you would like to submit a tender for this work, in the first instance please contact the Clerk to the Council to express your interest by 20 August 2021. This invitation to tender is subject to the Council’s Financial Regulations 2015.


T: 01308 488440


Application for a Definitive Map Modification Order Broadwindsor

Dorset Council has received an application for a Definitive Map Modification Order for the Broadwindsor Parish. The effect of the application, if successful, will be to alter Dorset Council’s record of public rights of way by adding a Byway Open to All Traffic along Common Water Lane from the end of the public road in Broadwindsor near Providence Farm to the public road east of the tunnel in the Beaminster Parish. The investigation into this application has not yet begun but in the meantime parishioners if they so wish, can submit any relevant evidence which will be included in the Council’s report. Evidence can be submitted to the Clerk or sent directly to Dorset Council.

May be an image of map and text that says "346000 N21/87 W23/2 BROADWINDSOR PARISH S Providence Far Common Water ane Ham BEAMINSTER A3066 PARISH HamCoppe Tungel Road 23/3 W21/78 B3163 KEY: Currently recorded footpath THIS MAP 345000 Currently recorded bridleway NOT DEFINITIVE AND HAS NO LEGAL STATUS WILDLIFE & COUNTRYSIDE ACT 1981 Definitive Map Modification Order Application T629 Add Byway Open Traffic along Common Water Lane Broadwindsor and Beaminster Parishes Application route 346000 Parish boundary T629/21/1 Scale 1:12000 Drawn :AB CentX 102856 Dorset Council"

BGPC Agenda 12 July Now Online

The agenda for the Informal BGPC Meeting on 12 July is now online.

Members of the public and press are very welcome to attend.

This is an online meeting and can be accessed at:

Meeting ID: 897 5277 5290

This meeting is an informal meeting of the Council and any opinions expressed by the Council will seek approval through the Scheme of Delegation after the meeting.

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