Social Prescribing Team at Drimpton Village Hall

On Friday 2nd February, the Jurassic Coast Social Prescribing team will be at Drimpton Village Hall between 9 and 11am to talk about any non-clinical wellbeing issues you may be experiencing.

At its most basic, social prescribing offers the kind of help that doesn’t come in a tube or bottle (non medical). Instead, a ‘social prescribing link worker’ will work with you to provide support, help and information that will enable you to access services or activities that may improve your health, wellbeing and overall enjoyment in life.


Carer Support

Housing related queries

Welfare benefits & debt advice

Help with daily living tasks

Making lifestyle changes

Combating isolation/loneliness

Living with anxiety/depression

Bereavement support

Frequent attendance GP or A&E

Come along for a coffee and a chat with the team

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