Update on Local Bus Service Timetable

An update on the local bus service timetable – hope this adds clarity and not confusion!

The stop at the White Lion travelling in the Yeovil direction will be renamed ‘The White Lion’- this is the stop currently called ‘Post Office (NW-Bound)’. This will appear on the Traveline website within the next week or so.

A new stop will be created at the junction of Trusthams and Back Lane, this will formalise what is already happening on the ground. Again, this will appear on Traveline within the next week or so and Google Maps in due course. The drivers on Service 40 have been advised to use both of these stops when travelling towards Yeovil. It would be helpful for the drivers if anyone waiting for the bus at the stops puts their arm out to indicate that they want it to stop. The stop in the High Street will continue to be known as ‘The Old Bakery (S-bound)’.